Monday, December 22, 2008

Chanukah Video #2 & Fantasy Football Finish

For tonight's present, I enjoyed this video entitled Pass The Candle:
It's cute, with mostly self-submitted videos that people gave in response to a YouTube request for the video; I recognize a couple of bloggers in there, actually.

This year was a fascinating year for fantasy football, where the drafts meant nothing and the pickups were everything. And now, this year's results:
  • My brother-in-law and I run a team together each year, and each year, we seem to start slow, make a run, and fall short. And he's not even from Cleveland! This year was no different, with a horrible team that still was in the race after a one-point win in Week 9 to improve to 5-4 - followed by a two-point loss in Week 10, and one-point losses in both Week 13 AND Week 14 to finish 6-8.
  • More importantly, we also run a league for a bunch of friends; in Season Two, my good friend BeardedMan beat SerandEz' own Squooshball in the Super Bowl this week for the championship trophy (and its accompanying winnings).
  • Finally, in the J-blogger league NoyG put together, G defeated Squooshball in the semifinals before destroying Eliezer StrongBad this weekend in the Super Bowl. (Sorry, but that was destruction.)
All that's left for me now is my old office pool, where I will be in fourth, four points back of the leader, going into Week 17. Top six win something, with first place worth a little more than a month of KGH rent... Week 1's last place finish may come back to bite me hard, as I've had the most points from Week 2 onward.


  1. Chanuka sameach! Keep those videos of your menorah lighting coming! (see you when we get back...)

  2. based on the gmail vid. Pretty neat.

  3. ::singing drunkenly::
    ...'cause weeeeeeeeeeeee are the champions myyyyy friiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeends, YES! - WE! - are the championssssss myyyy time for losers 'cause we are the champions - BUM BUM BUM BUM!!....wait...wassat? money?...waddaya means there was no money on it - i just told the wife she could go shopping!!...awwwww %^*$^*