Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Elianna, Boss Lady

Scene: Elianna is on her "booster" seat, eating cheese and Cheerios; I'm eating leftover Dougie's 'All You Can Eat' poppers; and Kayla is in her high chair, head barely peeking out over the tray, sucking on a half-Cheerio. I get a text message from Serach, and was in the process of responding when Elianna decided that I should be paying attention to her instead:
Elianna: Daddy... Daddy!
Me: Yes, Elianna?
Elianna: Daddy - look up!
Me: {looks at Elianna}
Elianna: Talk to me, Daddy... How are you doing today?


  1. you bumped the concert down for that

  2. Yeah, you didn't make it all that exciting.

  3. You and your wife have your hands full with her, but she seems a true joy! May both of your girls bring you much nachas for many years to come!!

  4. That's better than this game Elianna and I play every time I come over:

    Elianna: Let's play, Erachet!

    Me: Okay, what are we playing?

    Elianna: You sit here. (Then she points to the floor in front of her.)

    Me: (On the couch) No, Elianna. I'm sitting here.

    Elianna: No, you sit here. (She points again.)

    Me: No, I'm sitting here. You come sit over here.

    Elianna: (Looks at me, confused as to why I'm not understanding) sit here.

    And then, of course, all the (many) times she tells me, in that Morah voice of hers, "good girl!"

    (Are you happy with my parenthetical grammar, Ezzie?)

  5. She's got you wrapped around her finger :)

  6. Imma and Daddy? How did that combination come about?

  7. Thanks all. :)

    Ahuva - Good question! My parents are Mom & Dad, and I don't like the name Abba too much (though Elianna often calls me that anyway), preferring Daddy. Serach's family speaks Ivrit primarily, and they were always Abba/Imma, so she wanted to be Imma.

  8. Cute! Is Serach's family Israeli? Just out of curiosity, where did Serach's name come from? I think it's a great name but the only other one I've heard of before was Serach bas Asher.

  9. Not Israeli - father wanted them to know it. More Tanach-i than modern Ivrit.

    Yeah, that's the Serach. :)

  10. Ooh, my kids would love to hear them speak! They have such a great time making fun of how Americans speak Hebrew! Never mind that they can't say a straight sentence in English either. :p

    So she was named after Serach bas Asher? Was it in the parsha the week she was born or did they just like the name?

  11. Oh, their Hebrew is good, but their accents are funny. :P

    I think they liked it.

  12. She is so my cousin's child.

    And I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds their accents funny.