Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How To Reach R' Horowitz

R' Yaakov Horowitz, director of Project YES and Darchei Noam, oft-mentioned on this blog, has decided to set aside specific hours to make it easier for people to reach him (in addition to whatever normal ways there are to leave messages for him at any time). He also asks anyone to give whatever suggestions they have to make it easier, while already asking that people try to follow some guidelines to make it more streamlined. Please read the whole post. Excerpt:
In order to allow you to contact me directly, I am designating an hour each evening to taking calls such as yours – from 10-11 p.m. EST Sunday-Thursday (and for our readers in Eretz Yisroel and Europe, from 6:45-7:30 am Tuesdays and Fridays) on a dedicated cell phone – 845-825-6600. I will be the only one answering that phone and everything you discuss with me will, of course, be treated in the strictest confidence. This phone does not accept voice mail messages and there is no call waiting so we can speak without the interruption of the ‘beeping’ sound that generates. (I will do my best to keep the phone on one hour before and one hour after Shabbos EST. Please only call then if it is urgent.) ...

As I note in that column; I find it most helpful when I know from the get-go what it is that you wish me to help you with. So, I ask that you begin our conversation by informing me that you have read the Answers about Questions column and what your question is. Something like, “I need some advice on deciding whether or not to send our son to Eretz Yisroel,” is perfect.
He also discusses advice about schooling and who to contact for that and more. Again, please read this and pass it along.

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