Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Special Chanukah Video

If you have not yet done so, please read Stam's post below. It's a beautiful story.

Today we had the opportunity to attend Special Ed's very special engagement party. Besides Special Ed and his lucky girl (see, I can be nice, too!), we only knew one person there, C2. Elianna - after a second delay - quickly did her "symbol" and proceeded to have a grand old time parading around. A couple quick funnies from the party:
Ezzie: We actually only met (SpEd's fiancee, Ed2B) once, and we probably scared her.
C2: Yeah, she's way too normal for you guys.

Ed2B: Ed, come here! {snaps, smiling}
SpEd: [dutifully comes over]
Ezzie: (cracks up)
All in all, it was really nice, SpEd & Ed2B are great together, Elianna already seems to love her more than she loves Ed, and we had a great time. We then came home, stopping quickly to get some more Chanukah supplies before lighting. For Kayla, it was her first ever Chanukah, and she was fascinated by the lights. For Elianna, it was her first Chanukah where she really understood anything about what was going on, she had her very own menorah, and she got to "light" it! ("Only Daddy and Imma can touch fire, right?") And of course, good parents (and children) that we are... we videoed it, complete with a glimpse of the best menorah ever:
Happy Chanukah to all!!


  1. keys hanging off your belt? i thought serach was the one from monsey!

  2. LOL - It's because I'm OCDish. I always check to see if my keys are on me when I go out the door, so this is easy - I just slap my side and feel it. Plus, I hate having things in my pocket more than what I need. Wallet - left pocket. Phone - right. That's it. :)

  3. i like serach's off key "singing".


    (i'm gonna get killed for this one.)

  4. LOL I think Serach has stronger points than her singing. But you sing quite nicely, Ezzie. :)

  5. Interesting just how many niggunim there are for Al Hanisim, Never heard yours before although it's nice.

  6. Wasn't that haneiros halalu? I didn't hear al hanisim.

  7. PN - Not by meeee... :P

    Ami - Yeah, she does. :) Thanks! I'm surprised by how nasal I sound on video.

    ProfK, Anon - Haneiros Halalu. Yeah - I didn't even realize until Israel that there were others, as this is what we sang at home and when I was in WITS for high school.

  8. Yup, misspoke--heard "al hanisim" and typed that instead of Hanaros Halohlu--either way, still the first time I've heard that melody.

  9. Such a cute video Goldish family!!!

  10. I love the football menorah!

    Why did Elianna light before Serach finished the brachos? Getting impatient? LOL

    Your kids are so cute! What do you feed that chubby baby? (And don't tell me that's from nursing because I might have to kill Serach.)

  11. Blitz - Thanks! :)

    Anon - Wait, who is this!?

    Nursing, formula, and now, as Elianna will tell you: "Rice cereal! I ate rice cereal when I was a baby." Cheerios, too.

    The football menorah is awesome.

    And she really wanted to light, had already said two brachos, and why not. :)

  12. Who took the video if both of you are in it? Very cute!

  13. I didn't realize until Israel that there were other Haneiros Halalu tunes, either. We do a different one in my family but also not the usual one, except I ALWAYS thought that was the tune everyone did.

  14. We try to switch off between a bunch of different tunes. I thought yours would be a nice one to add to our collection but you stopped the video in middle so I don't know how it ends. :-(

  15. I have the full video if you want it. :) (Email me.)

  16. You must eat Elianna up! What a smile!

  17. Love it, love it...but Ezzie's not in the video! Chag sameach!