Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 12/17: Humbling, Hilarious, and Horrible

Before the other links... that documentary series in Britian on SkyNews about Jews in the Manchester community mentioned earlier is truly riveting. I watched Episodes I and II earlier, and they were rather well done, mostly letting the people speak and describe in their view what they're doing. I is mostly about Kashrus and kind of sets a tone; II is about Shabbos, Pesach, niddah/sex, shidduchim, and more.
  • Interesting article about a video on eating disorders in the Orthodox community.
  • Imagine being told you've been accepted to graduate school... then finding out the acceptance letter was a mistake. Ouch.
  • Wolf's posting good stuff as always, but check out the first comment on this post. It's freaking amazing.
  • Sephardi Lady reprints a great comment from her blog.
  • Scraps has the mark of an out-of-towner. I love it.

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