Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Hate NYC: Part 480,000,001

Firstly, please daven for a couple of people who really need it at this time. I rarely post such things as it can be never ending, but please help out here: My cousin (who I was very close with when I was in Israel) is having (or had?) gall bladder surgery in Israel - Miriam Necha bas Mindel Devorah. Also, an old Rebbe of mine from OJ's son had leukemia 9 years ago and came through with flying colors BH. Last Thursday he was diagnosed with cancer in his stomach and things do not look good for him. His name is Yaakov Yitzchak ben Rut Nechama.

On a slightly different note, it bothers me tremendously that someone can skid, smash three cars, destroying one bumper, and have no problem driving away without leaving a note or anything. It's just disgusting. (So are street parking, horrible city plowing, expensive rent, and heat you can't control, to varying levels.)

Meanwhile, the New York Yankees now have the four highest-paid players in baseball. This bothers me - not because the Yankees are taking advantage of the system that is in place, which is their right to do, but because the system is horrible. Capitalism is amazing for an economy in general - but nobody wants capitalism like that within sports! We want each team to have a reasonable chance, at least at the outset, and those who run their teams better and play better should win. It's why football is the best sport by a large margin.

Some people are complaining about the Yankees spending so much when the NY economy is so bad, and there are record numbers of unemployed or homeless people in the city - which sounds stupid on the face of it. What does one have to do with the other? They should destroy their business because other people lost their jobs and money? That doesn't make sense. But that said, it does bother me anyway, and this post (via Deadspin) sums it up perfectly:
As of 4pm today, the Yankees have spent $423 million dollars on free agents this offseason. New York now has a record number of homeless families. Six months ago, the Yankees asked the city of New York for an additional $480 million dollars to fund that new piece of crap stadium. They bulldozed parks that used to be playgrounds for the children of the South Bronx. There were plenty of shady backroom deals involving the market value of Yankee stadum.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, NYC taxpayers. Get angry, because you should be.

How much is too much? Personally, I'm done with baseball, until they implement a salary cap. It's officially out of control.


  1. The Yankees stink. Never liked them.

  2. So, individuals shouldn't have a fare shake against multi-national conglomerates that get huge tax breaks and ship jobs overseas, but baseball teams should get a little intervention to level the playing field? Doesn't that sound a bit twisted to you?

  3. Erachet - Amen.

    Katrina - ?!?

    Considering that the purpose of a market economy is to enhance efficient productivity and growth, while the purpose of a sports league is to supply entertainment while still remaining economically viable, no, that's not twisted at all. I'd think that the reverse would be, however: Ruining economic efficiency for the sole purpose of making things "even" or allowing baseball teams to destroy competition in such a way that most teams are losing money and therefore cannot be sustained serves almost nobody at the expense of nearly everybody in both cases.

  4. sorry about the car thing - we were hit in our parking space by someone from the "temple"/hebrew school across the street one sunday - the entire back passenger door is smashed in. no note, no cameras....

  5. Did one of those 3 cars happen to be yours? Regardless, it is horrible.

  6. The Yankees are awesome, because they belong to the most awesome city on the planet, and you can whine because we're just better than you are, but we all know it's your inadequacy complex. I think it's beautiful that someone can cause a three car crash and walk off and nobody knows who they are!!! The anonymity of the crowd, even in today's highly monitored society, is lovely. SO there. :-P

  7. Dear Lon-

    Die...die slow.

    Season's Greetings,

  8. As long as it's not painful, I'd like to take about 55 years dying, at least, thanks for the well-wishing. :-P

  9. Thanks for asking everyone to pray for me, it's nice to see that you still remember me and the funny conversations we used to have together! I am back to work and feeling fine, thank you all for your prayers.