Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Prof. Aumann at Lander Tonight & Other Worthy Reads

Prof. Robert J. Aumann is speaking tonight at the Lander College for Men on the topic "Economics & The Talmud". The lecture is open to the community:
Professor Robert J. Aumann, Nobel Prize Laureate in Economic Sciences, 2005, will be speaking at LCM, Tuesday, December 2, 2008, at 8:00 PM. The lecture will be open to the entire community and all alumni are warmly invited to attend. Refreshments will be served. The event is hosted by Touro College and the Orthodox Union.

Lander College for Men
75-01 150th Street, Flushing, NY, 11367
Elsewhere, I thought these were interesting:
  • I don't generally discuss Israeli politics too closely anymore, but these clips RafiG posted (in Hebrew) of Moshe Feiglin were really interesting. It's both nice and sad at the same time to see that Israeli politics can actually discuss substance and show more agreement between the sides than American politics often does.
  • I really enjoyed this d'var Torah by Steg on Toldos. A worthwhile message.
  • My mom sent over a fascinating piece on how radiologists may do a better job at their job when there's a face to the scans they're seeing.

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