Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 12/16

  • R' Enkin at Hirhurim discusses whether one should make the blessings when lighting for a public Chanukah menorah lighting. I found it especially interesting after watching the White House Chanukah event, where you should listen closely to Ben-Gurion's grandson making the bracha. President Bush spoke very nicely, and I think that it's interesting to see him making comments about Truman which would in theory somewhat apply to him sometime in the future as well. Kol Zimra sang after the grandsons of Truman and Ben-Gurion lit the menorah.
    (Thanks Greg for this video link.)
  • Jewlicious totals the losses to Jewish organizations from Madoff at at least $600 million, with possibly as much as $1.5 billion.
  • JoshWaxman linked to this interesting piece about getting images directly from people's brains. Could be cool if true... also could be scary.
  • Cool photo on SoccerDad.
  • Forgot this one I saw yesterday which is excellent: Bas~Melech has some really specific points and suggestions regarding the education system that seem quite wise to me.


  1. its kinda sad if you look back at all of the last few years hanukah parties at the white house - (ramaz choir, HooShir choir, WestPoint Jewish Choir etc...) especially each year since kol zimra was there the first time - that all the other performances seem so proper and respectful and religious - and yet kol zimra, the obstensibly most orthodox and "frummest" group has the most non decorum non religious most modern type of act.

  2. (Links to the others?)

    Most non-decorum? It seemed fine to me, though perhaps I missed something... They seem to have a very "any crowd" type feel, but that seemed fine.

  3. Ezzie, I think the fact that Ben-Gurion's grandson made the bracha had more to do with the fact that it wasn't actually Chanukah and therefore would have been a bracha l'vatalah.

  4. Thanks for the link, Ezzie!

    I'm not sure what Anon is referring to. It seemed to be mainly classics, with some stylistic variations. A couple of the guys in the front were very into the bouncy-swingy thing, which wouldn't go over too well in a Bais Yaakov, but for a guy I'd call it just getting into the rhythm.

    And I'm probably the most conservative one here...

  5. Anon - Agreed, but it reminded me of it. :)

    B~M - That's what I thought.

  6. the other preformances are more parochial and religious in a sense, where as the kol zimra is more of a party show than a rleigious observance experience.

  7. Got it - you have links?

    I don't know that that's a problem - particularly from the POV of the people there, they think of it more like a jolly holiday melody, just Jewish, than a religious experience. It could be that's why they were asked to come back.

  8. I just though their song choices - and the way they sung them - were kind nerdy. :P