Friday, May 04, 2007

Your Dream Car

Ezzie is kind of busy right and asked me if I can post something. Ofcourse, he isen't busy enough to post a boring sports post, but, whatever. I really don't have much to post. Its friday and I'm busy myself pretending to work. Anyhoo, it would be nice if we can all get together in a nice big circle and discuss, what would your dream car be and why. My dream car would be.....


Why a Delorean? Simple.

1)First of all, its from the 80's and I'm a nut for anything from the 80's. Infact, I'm wearing a Mega-Man T-shirt, one of the coolest Nintendo games from the 80's, right now.
2)It can fly and hopefully it really DOES travel through time. But with the congestion on the LA freeways, I don't know how I would ever get to the necassary speed.
3) It looks awsome.
4) Was used in one of the coolest movies ever made.
5. The gull-wing doors prevents your wife from ever sending you to the grocery market since you probably won't be able to exit the vehicle in those tiny parking spots.
6) No pansy colors to choose from. Just one. GRAY. A MAN's color
7) You inlaws for sure would hate it which is always a plus for anything.




  2. G

    I won't bother responding since I am assuming that was a joke.

  3. Please, by all means...

  4. well for one thing a delorean is a much more cooler car than a pontiac firebird, hands down. And second, Kitt cant really talk. Its made up. Im talking about real cars here.

  5. Ahem...

    "It can fly and hopefully it really DOES travel through time."

    Still, a fair point :)

  6. Um, what about the General Lee?! Yeah, I thought so. Greatest car ever (excluding KITT, which doesn't count).


  7. Guys, Im not only talking about movie cars here. Im talking about any car you ever wanted.

  8. My dream is anything that goes when I use the ignition/gas, stops when I use the breaks, and can be steered. Oh, and it should have an automatic transmission, b/c I don't need no freaking third pedal.

  9. The Blues Mobile- that old Dodge Dart GT could move.

  10. A Duesenberg!

    A Studebaker Golden Hawk or Avanti!

  11. The Delorian was infamous for stalling (as it did in the movie, BTTF).

    Sorry Hyrax, but I'd prefer a reliable car with bulletproofing than some silly Delorian.

    Besides, a Lotus totally kills a Delorian any day.



  12. Lotus? psht, Do I really need to start a car debate with some pansy from the settlements, that probably the only decent car he has ever seen is an 84 Renault.

  13. Oh, man. I LOOOVE the DeLorean- I don't care if it stalls or whatever, but since the BTTF movies, I was hooked. I have even checked out eBay Motors for their listings and I've seen them for anywhere between 12-20K. Hard to service them, though. I read in the NY Times one that there is a specialty auto shop in Rockland County somewhere that only services DeLoreans, and that owners from all over the country bring their cars there for service.