Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Phone Call

I'm sitting here, watching baseball, reading about the Cavs getting burned by a terrible non-call, tracking my fantasy baseball team, and talking to people on GChat when Serach's cellphone rings. Serach is watching the 24 finale with our friend Stoner next to me on his computer (I'm on my work computer, our home computer is getting fixed by Dell, supposedly), but hits pause to go answer the phone, wondering who could be calling at midnight.

A second later, she hangs up. "It's Elianna." Elianna, meanwhile, has been up for about half an hour, and is sitting on the floor playing with my cellphone. Serach goes over to her laughing, "Troublemaker!!" Elianna just looks up and smiles innocently, holding the phone.

She's the cutest. [Note to FFW: Sorry about the 5-second call you may have received. That was Elianna, too.]