Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Thank You

For this. This blog is really a blog about everything or nothing, depending on how you look at it. It's flattering that so many people think it's the best of its (non-)type. Thank you all so very much.

But again, the most important aspect to the JIBs (and one of the primary drives of this blog, really) are to point out what's out there. The JIBs may be over, but the nominees and winners are all still listed on the JIB site. Go on over and see what else is out there. The J-blogosphere is a huge, wonderful community with so many different people of all types. See what's out there. I said it better last week:
This is what the J-blogosphere is - a compilation of posts, thoughts, opinions, emotions, rantings, pride, feelings, happiness, and heartbreak from people. Jewish people. People just like us, people nothing like us, people we know, people we'll never know. This is why the J-blogosphere exists, and this is why these "awards" exist - to show off some of our best stuff, to show what there is in this small but ever-growing sphere of ours, and hopefully, to make that many more people aware of what we have and we're doing.


  1. Sorry, I'm less euphoric than you are, for this reason:

    Some of the "wonderful" community bloggers are open atheists who should be given no slack or encouragement at all---especially no JIB categories dedicated to themselves.

    Is it such a neighborly day in this neighborhood that there is no need to consult with poskim about this policy of inclusion?

  2. SaraK - Thanks :)

    Ram - Why do you assume that the J-blogosphere is all religious? While a good fraction is, there's a giant spread among them, and there are times when the atheists make better examples for Judaism than the frum ones. The JIBs are just about all-inclusive, and the atheists play a nice role - on this blog and others - in adding to the J-blogosphere, even if I completely disagree with their conclusions.

  3. Of course its not all religious. But should you tout something with no standards?

  4. Ram, it's an interesting but well known debate. Do you engage or avoid?

    Is Kiruv ok?

    BTW, if you engage most of the poskim, the current response is YOU and I and EZZIE shouldn't be here on the Internet.

    Some of those voices are just alienated, who just want to know that they're being heard. Not necessarily agreed with, but heard. And frankly, some of the communal defects they point out are real and have impacted them seriously. And we would be better for fixing them, rather than trying to sweep them under the carpet.

    BTW, don't take my word for it, take a look at the results. 1 - They felt included. NO complaining or tirades on their blogs against the JIBs. 2 - For the most part, they didn't win. Even in 'their' categories, the more middle of the road floated to the top. 3 - There is GREAT value in achdus.

  5. Not every person or blog is equipped to be mekarev everyone.

    On reflection, readers of blogs might find that anti-Torah viewpoints have occasionally osmosed into their own minds.

  6. Then perhaps those people shouldn't be reading them. Or they are easily influenced in general. Etc.

  7. You're so invested in this free-for-all that it will take a while for you to see the down side.