Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Live-Blogging a Missile Strike

Akiva is updating continuously his chat with a friend in Sderot - you know, that city that keeps getting hit by missiles but nobody cares because Israel isn't doing anything to stop them? Yeah, that one. Excerpt:
Shlomo: Another warning... Oy!! Missile hitting

me: Stay safe, enough photos, are you in a safe place?

(dead air!!! where is he??? no response to multiple pings!!!)

Shlomo: almost was just killle, kasssm ell 20 yard aawywera, help, househitnxt t12 me. 20 yards awy1!Q#!$34


Shlomo: no...near heartr atcck. har to dbeare beathe. oh my god. i t waa so close
(via Bob Miller) Shlomo has written more about it here, along with an 8-second video he took which ends with a missile hitting his neighbor's house.


  1. Oh my God, that's so scary. I'm just staring at the screen all upset that no one seems to care that much about this situation. It's so frustrating when things are bad and people just sit around, especially people who can potentially do things, you know, like, well, the Israeli government for instance.

  2. If there is a government in Israel, it ought to begin thinking about doing its duty.

  3. Video coverage of this strike and more commentary are at:

  4. And yet, all this is just a little footnote running across the bottom of the screen at CNN... all I can say is that the major News organizations are pathetic.