Monday, May 07, 2007

Back to Normal

It's so nice to have Sundays off, to not have to stay until 9 (or 3am)... Busy season went well, the client, manager, and senior all liked me, etc. And that's pretty much all y'all will hear about it. :)

Back to normal! Maybe I'll even start writing real posts again...!

Anybody know how to upload camera phone pics and video? It's a Motorola Krazr.


  1. Its a Bluetooth enabled phone, so if your computer has Bluetooth connectivity (like mine) then you can upload it to your computer wirelessly. Otherwise, you'd have to get a wired solution, usually in the form of a specialized USB cable.

  2. If working hard means coming in at 1:00 P.M., eating on the company account, then I don't feel so bad for you!!

    Guess Who??