Monday, May 28, 2007

A Thank You to Ezzie, Serach and Elianna

This is my chance.

As Ezzie's away and will be unable to monitor all accolades or other forms of praise or entertainment, I figure now would be an excellent time to say thank you for the time he has put into this blog.

Due to geographical location, not everyone has the pleasure of meeting the Goldish family. I have had that honor and can personally attest that they are among the warmest, kindest people you will ever find. As a student, I can appreciate how awkward it is to sit at a dining room table of people you don't know very well and consider whether this thought would be appreciated, whether you should refrain from making that comment, and worrying overall whether the hosts will be upset by something that you say or you have said. It's generally a very tricky line.

In the Goldish house, that line doesn't exist. Mostly because you don't feel as though you're a guest, but rather as though you're part of the family. You enter the door, bearing your basket of candy (one of the more appreciated gifts, I find) and all is alternatively madness or serenity. If it's madness, grab a ladle or chef's hat and join in (no, don't. Ezzie would mind. He cooks, did you know? Quite well, too.) Wander about and find the adorable baby, Elianna, who clicks aloud and does her best to entertain you. Elianna is almost like a tourist attraction. People come to the Goldish house simply to see her (I suppose that's a slight to the proud parents. Ah well!)

As for Serach! Have you considered Serach, my dear friends? Consider the amount of time Ezzie puts into his blog. Actually, don't consider it, as it is potentially quite frightening. Ezzie is always online. I know this personally. He's always open and willing to chat with others, particularly when someone is feeling down or hurt or is in need of a kind word. He helped run the JIBS this year, meaning that he stayed up to extraordinarily late hours of the night and early hours in the morning. He is our aggregator, posting link roundups and intriguing analyses of events I don't understand, mostly sports-oriented. He does all this, and obviously this has a heavy time component. We must thank Serach for giving Ezzie up and allowing him to do this. The blog world truly appreciates it.

The Goldishes are a warm, generous, kind family. Their hospitality is famous and never a matter of clandestine frightening phonecalls. They are open and honest; they'll tell you if it's a bad week for them and leave it be. The conversation at their house is always interesting. Education, politics, sports, idealism; all this can be discussed at the drop of a hat. And there are always people who have their personal experience to add to the mix. They've met many different types of people from many different sects of Judaism and they treat them all kindly, making no distinction between different affiliations.

The Goldishes believe in people. They believe in knowing people, being kind to people, giving up their time to aid people, if that's possible, above all things people. As an out of towner who is unable to reciprocate adequately, all I can say is thank you.

Please join me, then, in the comment thread, in saying thank you to the Goldishes (and then they shall be pleasantly surprised when they return home!)


  1. Hey - I'm the first commenter!

    As someone who had the privilege of meeting Ezzie and Serach, I can vouch for every word of Chana's post!

    Thanks Ezzie! (And for doing the other half of the work on MPR -- Muqata Purim Radio this past year as well!)

    And to Chana...thanks for writing this post! Ezzie and Serach definitely deserve the Kudos!

    (Ezzie, isn't a post from Chana a lot nicer than a Gold JIB ;-)

  2. Chana,
    What a great post and beautiful tribute!

    I must concur with Jameel, this post sure must feel nicer than a Gold JIB.

    Ser&Ez & Elianna are all that Chana said - I agree 100%. (Although I didn't get to see Elianna on Shavuos night! So that proves that I don't only come for the "tourist attraction" ;))

  3. i am much agreeable with the above sentiments.

    However, i have some to add.
    Serach- also serves as entertainment when her sleeptalking from the couch interrupts the meal. when awake, she's the conversationalist. i was a bit nervous before i spent my first shabbos at the goldish's, but ezzie reassured me "Don't worry about making conversation. Serach can just talk and talk and you won't even have to respond if you don't want." Plus, she makes really good challah.
    Ezzie- ok, you said it all. especially the staying up til all hours, both online and at home, playing therapist to everyone he meets. =D
    Elianna- you think clicking is cool? well have you heard her animal noises? ("awoo") have you seen her do beep on ser's nose? have you witnessed as she attacks the fluffy dog someone bought her as a birthday present? and the cutest thing- have you seen her making fish faces? the kid is just yum!!
    so... serandez... when can i come next?

  4. Thank you, Ser and Ez for your hospitality to my daughter, and your encouragement to me, a neophyte blogger. You've opened up a whole new world, and I am grateful, as I'm sure are so many others!

  5. Thanks for helping tilt the balance in a favorable direction on the local front! It's good to know there are more people we like (and more cute kids!) who live locally!! :)

  6. joining chana and everyone else to say thanks :)

  7. Jameel - Yes, it's much better. And embarrassing. Plus, we didn't treat you so nicely - we made you come in the middle of the night! :P

    SaraK - LOL. But you should come to see her anyway! :D

    PN - When you're finally "not booked" for Shabbos, that's when! Basically, you're saying that Ser is the conversationalist whether awake or not... very true. :) And I was right, wasn't I? I'm always right. :P

    Me? Psychoanalyze? Na... :D

    The fluffy dog - ha! Chana, sound familiar!?

    She does more tricks now, btw!

    NL - Your daughter is a PLEASURE. That's not a favor by us, that's one for us!

    RM - Amen! The same applies to you. :)

    Sarah - And you haven't even made it here yet! Though I guess we'll take credit for cousins' hospitality... :D

  8. I will not matter how badly I want to :I

  9. I want to know when they dropped the F from their last name...
    and also when they're coming to Israel so I can meet 'em.

    Thanks Ezzie!