Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Few Good Reads

Some important/interesting stuff out there:
  • IYWI notes an important event: All of Israel in Black. You don't need to be there to raise awareness, so check it out.
  • XGH hilariously draws the mesorah.
  • Jameel writes about davening (prayer), kavanah (concentration), and how much people in the past struggled with both.
    Excerpt: We learn two very important points from this Gemara:

    1. The Amoraim, the Rabbis from the Talmudic era were in fact, human beings just as we are, and had the exact same trials and tribulations with Kavvana that we face today. (And they weren't even ashamed to admit it, nor was it covered up by the gemara). This message is important for both FFBs and BTs alike.

    2. Kavvana is extremely difficult to attain or maintain in davening, regardless of outside interferences. Add in some ordinary distractions and its close to impossible.
    My own addition: 3rd lesson: The Gemara left in 'embarrassing' facts about great Rabbonim so others could be inspired. Hmmm...
Enjoy! Don't forget to check out the pics of us and Elianna from the parade, which Jameel shoved down the blog by writing about cars. Whatever.


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