Tuesday, May 15, 2007

SerandEz Returns!

As you may or may not have noticed, I've actually started writing a few things here and there, now that I have some time. I'll try not to have too many days like yesterday (what, 5 posts?), but there are a number of topics I'd like to start on/get back to/expand on, in addition to still linking what I feel are the important, good, and entertaining posts out there. I still do work, but now that busy season is over I also have a life, which is nice. Some of what will be coming up on SerandEz over the next [insert unrealistic period of time here]:
  • Jewish Economics - the series I started and never continued is coming back! Again, the focus will be mostly on what I know, which is young couples and students, et al, but most people should appreciate at least some aspects of it. You may even understand the $54,000 question a bit more afterwards.
  • Back to Basics - this applies to so many aspects of life, but particularly in the differences between Charedim, yeshivish, Modern Orthodox, etc. Everyone wants to "fix" the problems (particularly the ones in the 'other' communities), but I think that to do so, we not only need to identify the problems, but get back to the basics of why everyone has taken the path they have. I think we'll see that we're all way more similar than we think, the questions are how the paths grew so far apart - and that starts from the beginning.
  • How I Met Serach - the JIB-nominated (and defeated!) series will return! Parts I-VIII are in the sidebars - on the left you can click on those weird looking things, and you can just click to the "How I Met Serach" and all of them will be there in reverse order.
  • New header(s) - Finally! I need to talk to our resident artistic geniuses and figure this out a bit more, but we have a couple of ideas. I assume I care more than anyone else about this. :)
  • Other stuff - Cavs, Indians, Browns, politics... all that stuff everyone hates but me and a handful of others. Too bad.
Thanks to everyone who has stuck around these many months of rare posting, and as always, feel free to comment away. One of the most enjoyable parts of blogging is when there is good, friendly, productive and entertaining discussion. We like to think that this is a good place for that. :)