Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Daughter the Thief

Thank God we have one of the cutest girls to ever walk the earth. Even her new favorite word is cute, though she's doing things on purpose just to use it. (In case you didn't guess, it's "Uh-oh!") But we found out yesterday that's well on her way to a criminal future...

Our babysitter took Elianna to Amazing Savings to buy a few small things. Elianna was in her carriage the whole time, happily babbling at whatever she saw as always, saying "Awoo, awoo" to all the doggies... and birds, and squirrels, and every other animal which apparently all make the same sounds as dogs do. [Try and correct her and she'll give you a look, then say again, "Awoo", but more sharply - like "No, stupid, it's this."] While they were on the way home, the babysitter heard something fall out of the carriage, so she stopped to pick it up... and was shocked to find a little .49 cent flashlight, still in its packaging. She looked at Elianna, and what was there? Yet another little flashlight! Apparently, as they were squeezing down the aisles of Amazing Savings, Elianna had lifted two flashlights from the racks and placed them in her lap where the babysitter wouldn't see.

Our babysitter was too embarrassed to bring them back, so we'll have to do so at some point. But now we have to educate our little one that crime never pays. :) Hey, at least she shakes her head at us when we shake our own heads and say "Noooo, Elianna...!"


  1. She seems a cute baby! I guess nobody at the store thought to check to see what those little hands might have picked up . . .

  2. Hee hee. I had a little thief too a few years back. Ahh, such memories you've brought back of me, red-faced, returning items. Or me, red-faced, making the alarm go off in Target as I tried to exit. The baby never gets in trouble! :)

  3. That's such a funny story! It made me smile :) Eliana sounds so cute!

  4. hehe... fun...
    You really should make her explain the situation and return them herself *giggle*...
    Stam... I'm sure that she's not the first baby with sticky fingers.

  5. And in the future when she turns 2-3, you may have to educate her about breaking things in stores as well. (Though in my experience, that happens more with the boys then the girls.)
    Also, I'm glad you said she was "one of the cutest" as opposed to "the cutest", otherwise, I would have to differ with that opinion. :)

  6. The Apple - She is. :) Yeah, who'd have thunk?

    Frumhouse - LOL! Those sound horrifyingly embarrassing...

    Erachet - She is!

    Trilcat - :P I should...

    Avrom - She is, but I didn't want to get yelled at. And yes, we may need to do that, too... though so far, her biggest 'issue' is throwing things down.

  7. I once bit into a candle that looked too much like an apple.

    I was about 3...

  8. Get used to it. I'm a pro at brining things back or calling in my credit card and receipt number to pay for something we should have paid for in the first place.

  9. Although what she did might have been embarrassing, it's probably better than, say, if she would have nicely toddled over to the display rack of delicate china figurines and ever so sweetly tugged one of the legs, and...
    no need to elucidate... :-D
    Baruch Hashem for troublemakers! How boring life would life be without 'em