Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 5/9: Caring

So much I'd like to write about, but I apparently still do have some work after April. Ah well. Meanwhile, four great posts out there today that I've read so far:
  • Aidel Maidel is married. Eating with her husband. Mazel Tov!!
  • Chana on popularity and people. Excerpt:
    But more importantly, it means that I shouldn't judge by the divide; she may be popular and I will never be, she may believe in a light I think is long gone, she may be passionate about things I can't feel for- but it doesn't matter. Because in the end, we're the same. We're all the same.

    We are all lonely people looking for those who see a side of us that's different and unique, who think that we matter and respond when we tell them a truth about ourselves. We're looking for the people who are interested in us; the ones who think that we're worth knowing.

    We're looking for the people who care.
  • Pearl needs some freelance work: Can you help?
  • Jew-ish is going to Israel, and wants to know what she should do there. Go give some suggestions!!

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  1. Ezzie, you're a headhunter now, too?

    My husband told me to exhaust all my resources in finding some freelance or full-time work... I don't think he meant the blogosphere, though. But one never knows what, exactly, works...

    Thanks, Ezzie, for looking out for me.