Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Holy Hyrax knows nothing about cars

Recently, part time blogger, "The Holy Hyrax" used space on Ezzie's blog to tell us why he thought the "Delorian" was the coolest car of all times.

(I'm rolling my eyes just thinking about it).

He enumerates the following lame reasons:

1)First of all, its from the 80's and I'm a nut for anything from the 80's. Infact, I'm wearing a Mega-Man T-shirt, one of the coolest Nintendo games from the 80's, right now.

Yay. The 1980s. Yes, the 1980's were cool, but that doesn't mean "everything" from the 1980's were cool. I can think of some really stupid things from the 1980's...and the Delorian was one of them. It used to stall all the time. And Mega-Man was LAME!!!

2)It can fly and hopefully it really DOES travel through time. But with the congestion on the LA freeways, I don't know how I would ever get to the necessary speed.

It flew in the movie, but can it also be a submarine? Huh? Can it core a apple?

3) It looks awsome.

AwEsome is with an E. You missed an "E". As in "Ezzie" -- the guy who lets you blog here.

4) Was used in one of the coolest movies ever made.

OK, Back to the Future was a cool movie, I'll grant you that.

5. The gull-wing doors prevents your wife from ever sending you to the grocery market since you probably won't be able to exit the vehicle in those tiny parking spots.

Other cars have the same feature...coming up! Just a few more sentences...

6) No pansy colors to choose from. Just one. GRAY. A MAN's color

Sorry Hyrax, but when you drive a mega cool sports car that costs more money than the whole JBlogosphere put together, there are no such things as "pansy colors."

7) You inlaws for sure would hate it which is always a plus for anything.

Big deal. They could hate any number of cars...including this MUCH COOLER car.

I present, the Muqata Guide to REALLY cool sports vehicles...

The Lotus ESPRIT.
With YESHA optional Bulletproofing available, you can drive this car ANYWHERE.

Feel like exploring Eilat? Just flip the switch and it goes underwater...

More cool cars coming in future posts...

(Even if I'm blogging on Ezzie's blog about sports cars, my blog still turns towards Eretz Yisrael)


  1. Ooh.... I LOVE the Lotus! (Except I'd have it in Red. Or Black). Totally my type of car... not that I have any right now. :D

  2. Yes, but can either of those fancy shmancy cars go back in time? I think not.

  3. chainik hocker: The Delorian can only do that in movies, while the LOTUS can go underwater AND be bulletproofed.

    And...if Doc has built a bulletproof LOTUS instead of a Delorian, he could have hid from the Libyans instead of getting shot wearing a bullet proof vest.

  4. A Delorian can also be bulletproofed you shmuck. And lets face it, A Delorian can just as easily be converted into a sub as well. If what was able to fly, trust me, a sub is a piece of cake.

    And Mega-Man was LAME!!!

    I sometimes forget how old you are to never have appreciated that game. Tov, lo nora

    Other cars have the same feature...coming up! Just a few more sentences...

    You idiot, I dident say thats the ONLY reason, just a another cool feature of it. The fact is, the Delorian is quite a simple car. No fancy shmancy gadgets like the cars you presented. Only someone thats trying to compensate for something else would drive the cars you put up.

  5. Huh? Can it core a apple?

    AN apple, ezzie, AN apple.

    some people never learn.

  6. "Can it core a apple?"

    OMG. That is totally from the Honeymooners, right? My dad is OBSESSED with that show from when he was little so he bought all the original 39 episodes on DVD and got us all to watch them. Funny stuff!

  7. You need this:

  8. Pobody's Nerfect: Sorry, but Erachet nailed it! (Honeymooner's episode :)

    Holiest Holy Hyrax, Batman: Just wait till tomorrow's post. You wait...YOU'LL see!

  9. oooooooooooooooh, im so scared of the 54 year old settler that owns a FORD van.

  10. you boys can argue which car is better but i'm sure if someone offered you one or the other, you wouldn't refuse!

  11. pssshtt, what does a girl know.

  12. Actually I was being a snob and trying to point out the correct spelling.

  13. It doesn't matter. You're from LA and on my side de jure

  14. Hyrax: Its side de JOUR! LOOOZER!

  15. The deLorean's were actually unpainted stainless steel. Good luck if you got hit after they stopped making replacement parts.

    Now the "German car" question. During my father's lifetime I respected his wishes and never purchased a German car (he was a U.S. soldier who was 'told' in 1944 to have religion 'P' instead of 'J' on his dogtags).

    Now I own a Porsche - in fact last time I was at dealership, I left them a picture of Ferry P. and Adi H. admiring the beetle. If they'd won I wouldn't exist. Take that!