Friday, May 11, 2007

Evaluations Day/Week/Month

Oh, this is going to be fun...

Today, I get to fill out my own self-evaluation, which is one of the hardest things to do. Try writing up your own self-evaluation on any part of life, then hand it to someone else. You'll be sure that you're coming off as an egotist or completely down on yourself. Or you'll balance those but feel it's not a true, fair evaluation. Wouldn't you?


  1. Let me give you the advice my manager gave me before I started filling out my self-eval:

    "modesty is a virtue in all areas of life except when filling a self-eval form."

    Chochma baGoyim, taamin!!

  2. And dont forget to mention the countless hours you spend blogging at work.

  3. I also have to do these at work, and what gets me is they have these questions where you rate yourself on a 1-5 scale - hello! is anyone going to give themselves that lowest score?

  4. You know, this situation is exactly a Scrubs episode. I feel like I'm overly obsessed with Scrubs, since this is my second time mentioning it on your blog, but still!

    J.D. has to fill out his own evaluation and he doesn't know whether to be too hard on himself or too easy, and then Dr. Cox yells at him that the reason why he wanted J.D. filling out his own evaluation was not so that Dr. Cox could see it, or the chief of medicine could see it, but that J.D. could see it, because ultimately it's what he really, truly thinks of himself that really counts.

  5. Ugh - Chardal, you're right. RaggedyDad does his at home via remote whatever and I agonize over this with him. He was actually told by one of his supervisors that he does not do enough "self-promotion."

  6. Don't worry about coming off as egotistical. This isn't bragging to your friends.

  7. Chardal - Amen. I just told that to my co-worker, he agreed...

    HH - Shhh! I really don't, which is why this blog has suffered the past few months.

    Chaim B - Lowest? Who gives themselves anything lower than a 2?! :)

    Erachet - Heh. Unfortunately, that's NOT what they're used for here...

    RM - Well, I made sure I won't have that problem. It helps to do it in one really quick period of time so you don't feel as bad.

    JA - Amen. I think that's part of why they have people other than the ones you work directly for review it. You don't feel as bad.

  8. Don't complain, you only have to do one, and it is meant for you to take stock of yourselves. Wait until you have to write them about people below you where you want to say that basically an idiot (but because of the open job market you don't want them to leave because the next person through the door will probably be worse) so you have to walk the tightrope of constructive critisism