Thursday, May 10, 2007

Something Completely Different

Ezzie is supposedly very busy these days (I heard a rumor that he is asking for change on street corners, but don't tell) so he asked me to put up a guest post in his blogging absence. Since his other guest posters have seemed to find their guest posting responsibilities satisfied by posting pictures and arguments about cool cars, and I have nothing to say about that (I leave the topic of cars to my brother), I decided I would post about a much more interesting matter - Grey's Anatomy (I think Sarah is all caught up so I can discuss the show freely now).

So, first of all, can I just say that I was not so thrilled with the new spin-off? It was basically the same exact story lines already emerging in the first episode as the original, but in California. And unfortunately, while Tim Daly looks pretty good (not to mention Taye Diggs), he just can't compare to McDreamy and McSteamy, an unbeatable dynamic duo if I ever saw one.

Second, I don't understand why George and Izzie can't just keep their hands off each other. Doesn't Izzie respect the fact that George is married? She wasn't so interested in him before he found Callie. She's certainly pretty enough, I'm sure she could find her own guy (and all of this being said, I do feel bad for her about the Denny thing, but I don't think George is the answer). I really like Callie, and I think she and George deserve a fighting chance without Izzie around. And, btw, I think Callie could do better than George - he totally doesn't deserve her. She's way cool and, let's face it, he's kind of a dork.

Third, what's going on with Alex and the no-name chick? Is this going to be another Denny situation - a doc falling in love with his patient? I've never really understood Alex anyway, but all the more power to him, I guess. What a situation to walk into - no history, no baggage without a memory. Maybe I'll pay a good neurosurgeon to knock some guy upside the head and give him a clean slate.

Finally, poor Meredith. I'm finally starting to like her, she's finally not just a huge bundle of teary, falling-apart, knitting mess, and now McDreamy's career is being held back because of his relationship with her. And, her step-mom gets killed off, which drives a huge hole in the extremely newly-forged relationship with her father. Poor thing, I actually feel sorry for her, and am rooting for her for once.

(Oh, just one side note, so I don't forget anyone - I'm totally with Christina for not wanting the big fancy-shmancy wedding. My advice is to elope.)

So, there you have it - my wrap-up of Grey's Anatomy, totally the only show on television I feel like spending time watching. Anyone else want to offer their take?


  1. Ah! Last I saw, there were two proposals...! (Yeah, I'm behind, okay!?)

  2. Ezzie -
    You are WAY behind. How could you possibly have let this slip? I think your priorities are skewed...

  3. Well, I *do* have a job. At least for 4 months a year. :)

    Hmm... I guess that after my 24 marathon and a few Heroes episodes, I'll have to catch up.

  4. See, like I said skewed priorities. I can't believe you would put 24 and Heroes (who watches that?) above Grey's. Come on, for your daughter's sake, get with the program ;)

  5. You're right about Addison's new show, it seems EXACTLY like Grey's, just in a more casual setting.

  6. "Heroes (who watches that?) "

    Just about everybody, or least, everybody in the 18-35 male demographic which is the only demographic which matters. :)

  7. Last weeks episode was horrible. It was annoying sitting for 2 hours just so they can introduce the audience to this spin-off which we know is only going to last for one season.

    Izzie is a s&*t with no respect for anyone elses feelings but her own. Awwww poor Izzie. Get over yourself already. The man wants to at least TRY to stay with his wife.

    Alex is the coolest character and I am pretty sure he would drive a delorean. From what I got from this weeks clips, "Eva" is falling for him. I think she might kill everyone. She looks psycotic.

    McDreamy is an idiot for picking wanting a career over his girl.

    I don't know what Burke sees in Christina. She has a nasty personality. Oh, and she can't cook, what good is she?

  8. The show's gotten way too soapy for me. "McSteamy" seems like he just stepped off the set of an actual soap opera and some of the melodrama is so unlikely it's hard to suspend my disbelief. The Izzy and George thing makes no sense because, I'm sorry, there's no way she sleeps with him even if he were single. George isn't what Callie needs either. Alex is a poor man's George Clooney of early ER.

    Burke and Christina actually seem the most realistic to me. They have similar personalities but still complement each other well.

  9. I have inside information that one of the main characters is going to be killed next season.

  10. I hate Izzie this season. Not too crazy about the spin off, although I LOVE Tim Daly. And my personal reading blogs are now intersecting with work! ;-) I don't like this...

    Ya'll can get more Grey's scoop and commentary here.

  11. S -

    Avrom -
    Well, if all the males watch Heroes, all the females I know watch Grey's, so I don't think ABC is complaining about having that demographic.

    HH -
    I definitely think Eva has a thing for Alex, and they'll probably end up sleeping together and then he won't be able to handle the whole kid thing and he'll break her heart. And then she'll kill everyone. And I've always wondered why Burke was into Christina. It's not like she's ever actually been nice to him. (And for real about someone getting killed, or you're just teasing? It better not be Bailey, who I failed to mention, but is 100% the unsung hero of the show.)

    JA -
    The show is slowly losing my favor also, which is sad, because I'm going to have to find a replacement. But sorry, I don't care of McSteamy is soap operaesque or not, I'll keep him around for eye candy!

  12. SaraK -
    I feel like you don't mind the intersection too much ;)

  13. And for real about someone getting killed, or you're just teasing?

    Nah, I made that up. I just wanted some attention :D

  14. a spin off?! that can obviously never be as good as the original even if it is set in california.

    you are right about all the characters - what are they all thinking? or not thinking! :P

  15. Well, you can count my wife among that demographic. As is the case, I couldn't be bothered to sit through 5 minutes of that show.
    If I wanted medical drama, I'd watch House.

  16. ok, i dont get burke and christians relationship. \ I hope i dont get yelled 4 this, but last finale, i totally thought the show implied 2 us the broke up, they werent on speaking terms and she freaked out on him during major surgery and left him with a decision, he asked her 2 help make. next thing we know they go from not talking to engaged. she gets this humongo diamond , they rnt sure if they should get married. then she saYs ok but nothing big and he thinks shes kidding? theyve been dating what, 2 years? she gave him back thehumongo ring, why would she kid about not wanting a lavish ceremony? then im even more confused, she dosent want a big hoora,but she goes ad gets brides maids and a gown.2 top it all off, hes not sure, gets iffy, cold feet, whatever you wanna call it, then blames it on his mom, then chrisitiana comes home and their all good again. how about talking about how she dosent want a big thing, hes not respecting her wishes by making it a huge thing and there, talk!btw when does the spin off start? and everyone on that show is gorgeous, so unrealistic. Also i love peter/paul from prison break, so nice to see him play the antithesis of his character on prison break!

    gotta go catch up on 24! am an episode behind and heard it was amazing!

    this is serach btw! hi y'all!

    ps. the spin off has lots of old actors, from shows that bombed and are off the air, prison break dude, the nine dude and judging amy!

  17. HH - Phew.

    Sarah -
    Not thinking is about right :)

    Avrom -
    I'll grant that House is good also. But Grey's isn't really about the medicine.

    Serach -
    It's good to know that someone in your family knows which TVs shows to watch. I've never really understood Burke and Christina either, but I actually think it's kinda nice that she is giving him the wedding that he wants (I'm probably going to have to do the same). And I heard that the spin-off is not a sure thing yet - so we'll see. Have a great Shabbos!

  18. shoshana,

    Yes, I sort of gathered that. That might explain somewhat why I don't like it.
    On the other hand, House is the only medical drama that I do like.
    Never took to ER.