Monday, May 07, 2007


No, no, not me. But the JIB finalists are in everything but the Best Posts categories, after the voting tallies were painstakingly reviewed, the fake and doubled votes discounted, and the final list put together. See the complete list of finalists here, and the final round of voting begins at 10EDT this Wednesday night and will last for one week. Good luck!!

As a note, there were a few hundred false votes that were caught in the categories that are certified. This does NOT mean that the blogs who received the votes cheated; it is our suspicion that in almost all the cases, it was others cheating to try and skew the votes to make people look bad or to knock other people out. Thankfully, very few categories and blogs were affected, and hopefully the finals will be 'clean'. Good luck to all!

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  1. I have another possible interpretation: Sometimes, people accidentally clicked from their computers multiple times if the connection was slow and it didn't seem like the vote was getting through. I'm talking about the ones with only a few doubled votes.