Monday, May 14, 2007

What is the $54,000 Question?

And why does Ezzie need $54,000? [Ez: Not "need". "Could use." :) ]

This question has been troubling me for a few days. Possible answers:
  1. Wants to start a new blog,
  2. Wants to buy a used Lotus ESPRIT for the Holy Hyrax.
  3. Wants to sponsor a Kiddush at shuls all around the world in honor of winning a JIB award
  4. Needs a slush fund to run for the 5Towns school board against Pamela Greenbaum
  5. Needs to buy Serach a present because she's fed up with Ezzie blogging every single second of the day.


  1. Thanks for the warning. I just called the bank and put a stop payment on the check.


  2. This question has been troubling me for a few days. Possible answers:

    Please, this one is easy. Ez would like to rectify the most glaring mistake that he has made to date and move back home. The money is needed to purchase a house in his old 'hood...w/ a little left over.

  3. I think that he wants to pay off student loans...but then, I always think of the boring answers.

  4. g- nice try, the only home we would move to, is baltimore then ISRAEL, our true home, im not interested in comiting suicide at 24, by moving back to the home you refer to.

    ps jameel, a present would be nice too! hint, hint, i got nothing 4 mothers day!

  5. I think Ezzie's really been blogging from jail, and the $54,000 is the bail he needs to get out. (The crime has not yet been disclosed, but he might have gotten the idea for it by watching too much 24 and not enough Grey's Anatomy.)

  6. what are you talking? We know what his crime is. He kidnapped Jameel, remember?

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  8. Hey! I got response/warning from the better half.

    Wait...should I be scared now?

  9. G - Nah. Just pretend you were listening. That's what I do. :)

  10. Ezzie: You're in trouble now!

    Jameel: I think he needs another super-secret Jblogger meeting... an international one, this time. In some secret, luxurious get-away. But shh, don't tell him I let the cat out of the bag!

  11. Secret, luxurious getaway - - hmm, I never quite thought of my apartment that way, but . . .

  12. To bring Serach and Eliana and come visit me & the husband, take us out for a good steak dinner and bring really nice gifts.
    (yeah, I'm realistic.)

  13. Down payment for Elianna's tuition.