Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Worthwhile Reading

Firstly, I think G could use more responses to the question he posed below, essentially asking people to name three major problems in the Jewish community and suggestions on how to fix at least one. As he noted, this is real, so here's a chance to say your piece.
  • On a related note, R' Horowitz thinks one major issue is our community's image.
  • On a personal fun note, last night was a nice meet-up for dinner with a host of other J-bloggers, as told by Shoshana.
  • One of those, SaraK, has a wonderful letter her aunt wrote about an oleh's perspective on Israel at 60.
  • On the darker side of that is the continuing petty politics being played, including the conversion controversy that is well rounded up by R' Gil.
  • He also has an E-Book on the Religious Zionism debate that he has compiled in honor of Israel turning 60.
  • Finally, an excellent and worthwhile post by Erachet about the conflicting thoughts she has on issues where she can see both sides, questioning if this is a problem. Personally, I agree with the first commenter (well, all of them so far) that this is more of a good thing than a bad thing.