Thursday, May 15, 2008

'Twas Bound to Happen

Good old Yeshiva World. (thanks Wolf for pointing it out)

...after all, chas v'shalom someone point out the problems within the frum (particularly the yeshivish) community, especially if that someone is a Rav with some measure of respect who comes from that community. This is why what R' Yakov Horowitz does is so impressive: He's putting himself out there to get lambasted by people like this for simply doing what is right.

My favorite comments so far: (emphasis mine) [NOTE: YW is deleting comments, so some may have disappeared.]
  • i think tk is one 1000% right. i have a son in ytv he is doing great. he has a great frum class. im not saying there is no problem kids. but we are not in the brink of disaster.every genaration we call these kids something else.years ago trouble makers,now we call them at risk.just blend them in with the rest of the kids and they will be fine.
  • FYI- The Agudah told me three weeks ago, upon my inquirey, that they have nothing to do with Rabbi Horowitz.

    Project No was in fact started by them, but have lost all contact with him.

  • anyone ever read his articles?
    so much hatered

    never seen anything like it before.
    some expert.

  • old news.
    the guy has been running around like daas torah since the jewish observer allowed him to write his piece 10 years ago.

    some mystake man.

  • I have a better question.
    I have yet to see his credentials for his claim as a velts expert.
    Where did it come from?

    Which expert did he get his “shimush” from.

  • I agree with the letter writer.

    He kiseder writes total kefira.


  • Actully,I am proud that Rabbi Tikotsky had the guts to stand up birabim and sign his name to this thing.


    May Hashem repay you!

    I have been screaming for the longest tme about him.

  • the guy is a “VELTS” MALSHIN!

    He has numerous times belittled gedolim.

    No Lashon Hara here.

    This is toeles big time.
    Keep people away from all his material.

  • I propose that “Rabbi” Yehuda Levin, and “Rabbi” Yaakov Horowitz team up and open their own newspapers, PR companies etc etc.

    They are the two most bitter individuals on the face of the planet.

    Nothing is ever good. Everything is treif, rabbeyim are bad, yeshivos are bad, schools are bad, parents have no clue how to raise kids, gedolim are corrupt…..blah blah blah blah blah..

    ANd by the way, I am sooooo right….and you all know that I am too.

    Let them get a life and manage a warehouse or something.
    Start shlepping boxes for a living.

    Enough of this hatred.

    I’m sick and tired of it.

I love the spelling, the claims with no backing whatsoever, the egos... all of it. Amazing comedy.