Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Common Sense

Monday was the yahrtzeit of my Uncle Marvin, discussed previously on this blog. I think that it ties in well with what most of the posts in this roundup, particularly the best of the bunch, remind me of: Common sense. Not only did he have it, but more importantly, he instilled it into his children, who are instilling it into theirs. There's something to be said for finding people with it - whether as a spouse, teacher, employer/employee, etc.

On the lack of side, there's this group:
  • Wolf discusses an article saying that loshon hara causes... science. Oy.
  • Meryl and Dave both discuss a suicide bomber who was shot by Israeli soldiers when they realized what he was. It's interesting to read the retelling of the story by different Palestinian news outlets... and just how quickly it changes for the worse. Sick. Worse yet, people on this side of the ocean buy into this garbage.
  • ProfK discusses those who can't do the math: When you exclude someone who shouldn't be, then you don't have a whole group. I actually want to discuss something similar later, we'll see if I have a chance.
  • and RafiG notes that some posters in RBS are likely actually fakes posted by the other side, in hopes of drumming up backward support for their cause. This isn't smart because not only is it easy to verify, but if you get seen, it's exponentially more inflammatory.
On the common sense side, however:
  • Life of Rubin links to and praises a very nice editorial on VIN News regarding R' Horowitz, in response to the letter to the editor in Mishpacha (and the subsequent post that was thankfully eventually taken down by Yeshiva World).
  • RafiG has a couple of truly amazing stories that are worth checking out.
  • Sephardi Lady has no true solution, but discusses the need for more exercise among kids in the frum community, tying it loosely to shidduchim and ED's.
  • and Treppenwitz has another IDF heals Palestinian story, which rarely get enough press.
The best of them all for today, however, is this post by West Bank Mama: You Don't Need To Give Up Your Common Sense To Be An Orthodox Jew. Check it out.