Monday, May 12, 2008

The Not So Mordy Show

1. Carry roll of pennies to help with not cursing Did
2. Don’t miss any minchas or maarivs Didn't do
3. Find a new chavrusa Didn't do
4. Learn more Pirkei Avos Didn't do
5. Continue to say no to my yetzer hora Did

School: Didn't do
1. 8 Discussion Board posts and 2 and ½ chapters of reading for His I
2. 9 Discussion Board posts and 5 chapters of reading for His II
3. Write His I paper
4. Write His II paper
5. Write 2 Lit II Papers

Work: Didn't do
1. Find other job

1. Continue to not waste time Didn't do
2. Check out thumb knife, interchangeable screw driver, and Klein wire strippers Didn't do, Did, Didn't Do
3. Clean gear (after final FAST team class on Thursday night) Did

1. Get new shoes asap Didn't do
2. Finish new V3’s Didn't do
3. Try some V4’s Didn't do
4. Get more webbing Didn't do
5. Start climbing (more) outside again Definitely DID!!!

Dating: Didn't do
1. Make some calls
2. Go on some dates
3. Find the right girl
4. Marry her

1. Muster up some guts
2. Ask girl out
3. Go on a couple of dates
4. Marry her before she changes her mind)
Out of the question

1. Fix the laptop or just buy a new one already! Didn't do
2. Help more around the house Didn't do
3. Keep room clean Didn't do
4. Clean car after fire house gets new vacuum (hehe) Didn't do
5. Continue to wake up early Definitely didn't do

Life's hard.

Details on request.