Sunday, May 25, 2008

Stuff From Shabbos

And the award for most memorable line(s) goes to... Erachet! For making a complete and utter fool of herself on more than one occasion. Best of the best:
  • "Why is the Talmud Bavli wearing tights?!"
  • "Is that a keyboard [on the couch]?" Pobody's Nerfect: "Yes." Er: "Who plays the keyboard!?" PN: "Not THAT kind of keyboard!" Er: [pause] "Oh!" Ezzie: "Wow, you seriously need to sleep."
  • "Sniffer!"
  • While being talked to at table Friday night, 98% asleep: "So how do you know Serach & Ezzie?" 'Huh? [blank stare] Um, we're friends.' "Do you go to Stern?" 'Huh? [blank stare] Yes.' {goes back to sleeping with eyes open}
  • "It might be go!?" 'Um, that says 90.' "...oh."