Thursday, May 01, 2008

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 5/01: WOO!

It's quite a happy day, with not only busy season being "OVAH!" [in the words of Kenny Smith], but as noted below, one of my best friends is engaged - Mazel Tov Moshe!!!

So, in that regard, a few things that made me smile:
  • Just Another Stern Girl reminded me of a story (I'd actually seen on ESPN but am too lazy to find) of an amazing act of sportsmanship that I'd like to think we'd all do - but these girls actually did. Awesome.
  • Indexed has a good message on today's card.
  • And a good friend of my brother's, who is [I believe] the assistant Rav in Kesher Israel in Harrisburg, PA (where SIL hails from), and has done amazing work there, gave the opening prayer to Congress recently. David Linn has the short clip - very cool. R' Akiva Males actually grew up near us in Cleveland, went to WITS with my brother, got his smicha from Chofetz Chaim (RSA) [across the street from our old apartment] in Kew Gardens Hills where my brother learns, and then moved to Harrisburg.