Thursday, May 15, 2008

New York vs. the World

A few pieces, sent by different people, are a nice reminder of the differences between New York City (and the tri-state area, really) and the rest of the world.
  • 1) Alternate side parking. Firstly, can we have this "indefinite suspension" here in Queens? Second, I've yet to see those machines "clean" a single darned thing. It's solely meant to take money from the people and give it to the government, in case the city and state taxes weren't high enough.
  • 2) Road rage. My brother would love this one. Just as a note: Cleveland is the 5th nicest when it comes to road rage; the other top cities are Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, and (slightly surprisingly) Pittsburgh. On the angry side, it's DC, NYC, Miami, Boston, and (slightly surprisingly) Baltimore. But that does explain something about at least one contributor here...
  • 3) Cost of living. Hey, look. I'm with others on this one. If you think New York City is the center of the universe, by all means, don't let me convince you otherwise. Stay here! Enjoy! If you don't, however... run for your life. (And your future economic, emotional, quality of life, kids', etc. sakes.)
New York. Eh.