Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Questions about questions

I have a question. Well, I guess it's not really a question but...okay, a question. So I've been blogging for a little over a year now and there have been times where I've written or read posts with these deep philosophical questions. It's always kind of fun to discuss them, but even more than fun, it's really frustrating. I guess what I'm wondering is...from the opinion of those who have been blogging far longer than I have, what is the value of asking questions with no answers? What is the value in discussing them? Doesn't it just create further frustration? I find myself sometimes unable to sleep at night because all these philosophical things are bothering me so much. And the more I discuss them, the more they're on my mind. And I guess I like having them on my mind, but it's so frustrating to work and work and work at them and never go anywhere but in circles. Where do these questions lead? What becomes of them? What is their value? What is the good in talking about them if we can get nowhere? How can we find answers that will satisfy us enough to move on? Or are we not supposed to move on? Are we supposed to try to find answers, or are the discussions themselves worth enough?

And the weird thing is, I keep thinking that if, somehow, we did find answers, they would be completely unsatisfying - almost anticlimactic to the intense discussions that surround the questions. So do we really want answers, or do we want discussions? But discussions that lead nowhere? Or do they really lead somewhere?

I'm not even quite sure what I'm asking. It's just been bothering me.