Thursday, May 29, 2008

OCD Winkie Addict

(there is no point to this post, look somewhere else for deep meaningful inspiration)

On our (lately frequent) trips to NY, i always try to pick up a few sacred food items that we can't get here (not that we get much here).... Rice cakes, Klik (specifically Krem Chalav) bars, and Winkies.

Despite the choking 'dust' particles that get inhaled too quickly, or the burning feeling that requires a drink of something stronger than water, i just can't stop eating Winkies. Of course, until i finish the bag and then I have to wait for another trip to NY. (And then it's very exciting to find a last hidden roll inside a sweatshirt or a purse)

I've realized that I eat the Winkies in a specific manner... I eat the 'bad' flavors first, and save the best for last. (Purple, Yellow, and Orange are 'bad'). I also eat two at a time, and wait for the to get melty in my mouth until the edges fall off. As if i don't get made fun of enough for being a tad "OCD".

Of course, this requires a new gchat status: "OCD Winkie Addict".... Which led me to a pretty darn funny quote by TheApple... (sorry TA!)

theapple: does that mean that you organize the winkies by color before you eat them? and that you leave over one winkie in each color so that you have a rainbow?
stam: it means i eat two at a time, worst colors first
theapple: what's the worst color? they all taste the same - sugary chalk
stam: purple, orange, yellow
theapple: i think green is the worst
stam: u just said they all taste the same :)
theapple: i did. hmm...