Thursday, May 15, 2008

My "Shidduch List"... it stands right now. Let's see...what to do, what to do...

Snow White

--Thin, Pretty, Need to find out about family, Superior "wife" skills, Motherly, will keep a nice home, immature???, find out about living situation (what's with all the roomates)


--Thin, Pretty, No mother-Father remarried, $$$, Step-mom is difficult, aidel, kindhearted, good with kids, commited to her work, looking for a guy to take care of her


--Short, Too young??, outgoing, likes to have fun, find out if she has any real friends,

Sleeping Beauty

--Thin, Pretty, JAPy??, looking for her "prince" to come and save her, bland personality,

Jessica Rabbit



--Thin, Pretty, Dad is a mover/shaker VIP, No mother, very close to her family, needs to live close to home, little ditzy, creative, not career motivated


--Thin, Pretty, kind, baalas chesed, very friendly, find out about the family, broken engagement


--Thin, Pretty, No mom, Very nice father-influential in the community, $$$, outgoing, sheltered??, very much her own person, rebel streak


--Thin, Pretty, sheltered childhood, sweet, very traditional, parents are very involved, open to new things

Yeah, I think you're right...definitely need to find out more details before deciding who's next.

Unless, of course, I hear that the Rabbit girl is available!!!

**If anybody can act as a reference for one of the above names please feel free to fill in any blanks**