Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 5/28

As the slew of [real-life] guests and visitors dies down for a while, and SerandEz have some important stuff to take care of, this blog has been and is being sadly neglected in terms of 'real' content. Thankfully, there are plenty of other wonderful blogs out there with quality content to fill your fix, and this is just some of the stuff I found really interesting the past day or so:
  • LOR pointed to the reopening of the very interesting and entertaining Pravda blog, mostly focused on pointing out the foibles and issues in the Charedi world, particularly what is printed in the Yated.
  • SoccerDad and Trep both discussed ex-President Jimmy Carter's revelation in public about Israel's nuclear weapons. This is hugely problematic for many reasons, as they note.
  • Shoshana notes an interesting piece in the NYT about the collision of science and the humanities. I actually think it's an issue for different reasons than most might, namely what we will do as science continues finding that different races and groups are more or less skilled in certain areas, and how that will affect how people are treated.
  • Via JDJ, FrumPunk has a hilarious listing of things you won't hear on a shidduch date.
  • ProfK (from Scraps) links to an interesting piece about saving vs. debt with some real numbers:
    Add another five years to the same patterns, and the results are even more dramatic. After 10 years, the person who saved $10 a day would have $46,585 in the bank, whereas the person whop spent the $10 he didn't have would be $167,470 in debt, resulting in a net worth difference of over $210,000.
  • Thought-provoking quote on ASJ.
  • Noyam has an interesting argument about same-sex marriage.
  • R' Gil discusses giving proper attribution in Jewish publications.
  • BeyondBT with an interesting post about following chumras.