Tuesday, May 06, 2008

NYPost Ignores Gag Order

Jameel has the details, but in sum, the NY Post is ignoring the Israeli gag order regarding the latest scandal involving Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and has published names and details. Obviously this is just another in a long line, but perhaps this will finally be the end of Olmert's time as Prime Minister. Excerpt:
NY Post: May 6, 2008 -- A Long Island mogul is at the center of a sensational bribery scandal that could bring down embattled Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, The Post has learned.

Millionaire financier Morris Talansky - who runs an investment firm out of his tony home in Woodmere - allegedly passed money to Olmert while the politician was mayor of Jerusalem in the '90s, sources said.

In a highly unusual move, Israeli authorities have barred the country's media from publishing Talansky's name - revealed now in The Post - saying it could hamper their investigation. Israeli media has referred only to the involvement of an "American businessman."