Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Well Waddaya Know XVI

Last week's question and answer:
Tommy put his cookie in the red jar and then went outside to play. While out, his mother moved his cookie to the blue jar. If we ask this Q to a 3-yr old & a 6-yr old: When Tommy comes back inside where will he look for his cookie? What will they respond?

The blue jar.
9 (12%)
The red jar.
20 (28%)
3yr old: Blue jar. 6yr old: Red jar.
29 (40%)
3yr old: Red jar. 6yr old: Blue jar.
13 (18%

In order for someone to answer "the red jar" they would have to put themselves in Tommy's place because only Tommy thinks the cookie is still in the red jar. The ability to think from an other's perspective is acquired on average at age five. Therefore the three year old will say the blue jar (because he knows the "right" answer) and the five year old will say the red jar.

This week's question is up to the left, enjoy!

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