Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Terror Attack in Israel, Iraq, & The Israel Lobby

A few must/interesting reads for this morning:
  • A Palestinian took control of a bulldozer on Rechov Yaffa (Jaffa Road) in Jerusalem, tipping over a bus and crushing several cars, killing four people before either civilians or non-uniformed policemen got up onto the bulldozer and shot him dead. A BBC reporter was right there and got much of the detail. (Hat tip: Fausta) (Link to YouTube video of them stopping the terrorist here, from Israeli TV [starting at 2:28] - thanks Moshe.)
  • The Wall Street Journal has a good editorial discussing the sudden flipping of Barack Obama from the left to the right on a number of issues, and predicts (as many have been doing) that he will do the same regarding the war in Iraq after his upcoming visit to the region. One could view this in any number of ways, good and bad, but I'll discuss that at another time.
  • I stumbled on this piece in Gawker which was surprisingly excellent, titled The Video The Jewish Cabal Doesn't Want You To See. It's about the so-called Israel lobby and its "power", and it makes great points in a somewhat amusing way.


  1. On the terror attack: I dunno how much people use The Yeshiva World for news but I stumbled onto it for something else and saw that it was reporting 4 dead and 44 injured. Also JPost said three were killed, 44 injured.

  2. and it makes great points in a somewhat amusing way.

    I'm sorry, did someone say "amusing"...

    Monica: (About the appetizers) Hey, maybe this'll cheer you up.

    Chandler: Oh, you know, um, I had a grape about five hours ago, so I'd better split this with you.

    Monica: It's supposed to be that small. It's a pre-appetizer. The French call it an amouz-bouche.

    Chandler: Well, it is amouzing...

  3. yes, i realize i have a problem and no, I will not be seeking professional help

  4. In a weird way, G, that was not that weird.

  5. i thought *i* was the resident friends quoter/addict/aficionado :(

  6. Nice!!! I got to watch them kill that mamzer FOUR TIMES!!!

    Baruch Dayan Emes for however many were hurt or killed.

  7. Erachet, I believe Jpost says 66.

    Yimach Shemam B'Zichram- geula is neccesary. What's going on is lo ye'uman.