Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Construction Notes

Many of you may have noticed that a lot of things on the blog are changing and moving around. Just to explain the new setup (which is still being worked on)...

The main section should remain unchanged save for cosmetic details, if that.

The right sidebar now includes a few sections. The Browse section is made up of series that I think are worth reading: How I Met Serach - which is about, well, how I met my wife, Serach, and Crazy Shabbos, which I wrote about a long time ago. We've had many more crazy - if not crazier - Shabbasos since, but this was one that was worth writing about (though I only ended up getting halfway through).

The In Rotation section is a list of just about every guest blogger to post to this blog. If they have their own blog, the first line under their name is a link to their blog, by name. The next line is a link to their Blogger profile; the following line is currently a dead link to a Bio that I will hopefully write for each. And, of course, there's a link to any post in which they are tagged - most of which are posts they have written, though a handful are simply posts that have to do with them for some reason or other.

Following that are links to all the Archives, by year and month, and a small blurb that shows what time Shabbos starts and ends here in Kew Gardens Hills, so I don't have to look it up every week.

On the left sidebar are any polls or other pieces which I wish to post for any reason. Right under that is the About This Site, which I think I've tried to leave the same since this blog's inception over three years ago. This is followed by the all important advertisements and links to allow people to advertise which helps me justify the time spent on the blog to Serach and the always interesting SiteMeter (hit the referrals on a typical day and you'll see what I mean). Next come the slightly confusing looking Departments symbols, which are simply a way of letting you look at what labels there are and picking one to read. The first symbol gives a list of all the labels and how many posts there are under each; the second creates a simple dropdown; and the third shows them as bigger if they have more posts, smaller if they have less.

Finally, there's the all important Blogroll, which lists the blogs I tend to read by section. I'll probably go through all of them at some point, but note that the list is not yet complete: I still haven't put in any of the Israeli blogs, the Jews & Israel group, the PsychoToddler franchise, all the Uncategorizeds and Others, all the Retired bloggers, etc., etc. Underneath all of that are a few random blog-related things, such as a survey you can take that measures different demographics of the readership of this blog.

At some point, we're hoping to revamp and update the header with some cool new features; meanwhile, I hope y'all are enjoying and maybe even getting something out of the blog - I certainly am from both the blog and all of you.

~ Ezzie


  1. Duh, because laziness requires great organization!

  2. THANK YOU! It's about time someone used that quote.

  3. I hope y'all are enjoying and maybe even getting something out of the blog - I certainly am from both the blog and all of you.

    Whoa! When did I quantum-leap into Mr. Rogers' neighborhood.

  4. Watch out, or I'll put stuff in your upcoming Bio you won't like. :)

  5. Behold, the Blogfather at work.

  6. Go ahead...make my day.

    But remember who you're dealing seeing as I'm the G.44 Magnum, the most powerful commenter in the world, and would blow your blog clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?

  7. Snort snort snort.

    G you had me laughing my head off here.

    Ezzie, you think *you* get something out of this blog?

    As I posted on Bad4, G is enough entertainment for a lifetime. you're going in my books, G-man!

    And thanks for the info- as I told you once before, the blog is a great place for me. It's the best. :)

  8. Speaking of advertisements and justifying the time spent to Serach, what happened to the link to Serach's Scarves? I hope your wife is still in business.

    And nu, where did you hide your e-mail address? The only way anyone can contact you (unless they already have your address from previous incarnations of this blog) is by leaving a comment. Or do you always have plenty of Shabbos guests already anyway? :)