Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Maddening, Useful, and Fun

Three things to take a look at this morning...

Maddening: Sephardi Lady posts (via Yeshiva World) about a practice that is new to me, at least - the idea that guys attending a wedding expect to be reimbursed for their transportation costs:
I just wanted to point out to the YW readers, that when yeshiva bochurim come to a wedding (and there can be alot to go to, as they and all of their friends are in the parsha), they expect to be compensated for their travel costs.
Ugh. You can see my comment there.

Useful: ProfK found a site that (legally) has accumulated hundreds of classical children's works that are old enough to be in the public domain online. Very cool.

Fun: (Hat tip: Mom) The New York Times wrote about Matt Harding, the guy with the fun "Dancing" video on YouTube.
“Dancing” shows a guy dancing: a big, doughy-looking fellow in shorts and hiking boots performing an arm-swinging, knee-pumping step that could charitably be called goofy.
He made a new one two weeks ago that's already at 4+ million views, and something about it will just make you smile.


  1. What a great video. My favorite part is when he dances with the tribesmen in New Guinea.

  2. gotta love it - there's a guy who just makes me happy!

    I wish I had the guts to do that stupid a dance in public!!!

  3. My own fave parts:

    The New Guinea tribe
    The Indian dance
    Dancing in front of the orchestra
    Zero gravity in Nevada
    All the people rushing in to join

    and best part might be when he actually stops dancing to just watch the kids dance in the Solomon Islands.

    It's also really interesting, if you watch closely, how each place has a few people who dance in ways that are basically native to their home, and they're all different.

  4. Wow. To quote: oh, the humanity! @:24 when the wave covers him at the islands is incredible.
    and everything about it is beautiful- the way the kids are giddy with laughter when they dance, the way people let go of all barrit's greatiers to dance with him....

  5. Wonderful videos, and I envy him the marvelous adventures he must have had as he danced his way through life, unlike many of us who just plod along.

  6. anybody ever seen my dance- this guy stole it from me.