Tuesday, July 08, 2008

For the Lipa fans out there....

updated video clip (for some reason google vids wouldn't work)

The words to my favorite song on Lipa's new album are "Heib oif danna hentelech tzim tatten in himmel" - lift up your hands to Hashem in heaven.

The song was sped (is that a word??) up to match the Bobover Rebbe's dance, but i still can't stop laughing.


  1. okay im a bit slow this morning, ezzie had to explain that to me!!!

  2. I couldn't see the movie, but i was very impressed with the thoughts he expressed in the song, "Ich bin a pushiter Yid." he said something that needed to be said by a public figure a long time ago- that we are not perfect, byt at least we try. In our pressure driven superficially judged society, we need that reminder the THAT'S LIFE, and it's a constant growth product.

    I think he's doing a lot of goodfor many people out there. I don't know if you're so familiar, but there is a large group of boys from very Chassidish homes who couldnt keep up with the pressure and have basically gone down the drain in every way, and are beyond any healthy and constructive lfestyle. By giving them these CDs combining Yiddish with the non-Jewish contemporary styles they crave, they recieve the acceptance they so desperately long for, and feel good about themselves, since they are doing something which is "ok"- they're not so bad after all. I don't know if you know this crowd, but unfortunately, to some extent, I do. These boys are really messed up, have no true connection to Yiddishkeit for a number of reasons which get me TOO ANGRY to begin discussing (ProfK, I have a feeling you're with me on this one), and are serisouly in need of support and help. Not that that is forthcoming, which is why you have a whole crowd living their lives like a bunch of I don't want to say what instead of being happy, well adjusted, confident, and secure individuals... Grr...

    But whatever it is, Lipa is doing a great thing. Do I listen to his music personally? No- to me it is very flat and tasteless- I like old Jewish songs, classical, some pop, and Blue Fringe. :) But it is doing something great for people out there, and I'm only sorry he has to suffer so.

  3. Why is the guy on the left wearing a white fur hat? I've seen a hat like that before.

  4. super raizy-

    i'm not sure if it was because it was purim...

  5. Fianlly got to see the vid.

    You wanna know something interesting?

    I realized that all this must be very foreign to you. Interesting....

  6. M - why would you assume that?

  7. Stam-

    shrug. I just didn't think many people commenting on this blog were familiar with Chassidim, that's all.

    What do you say?

  8. M-

    FYI the majority of my family and my husbands family are chassidish.

  9. Oh- ok. Got it. Sorry, Stam, it wasn't meant to be negative in any way.