Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Slow Day Milestone

I'm in the process of trying not to butcher a real post I want to write (I know, I know - once in a while, I try to write something with real content myself, too), but I noticed that sometime yesterday, this blog hit a very nice milestone: Half a million pageviews! Thank you all for continuing to come back and enjoy this blog, and I hope y'all will continue to take part in it - one of the best parts of this blog is the 'conversation' that goes on. Please always feel free to comment, e-mail, and otherwise join us. Thanks so much!


  1. wow! congratulations.
    BTW, there's this thing that a lot of bloggers do where they post what searches they got hits from, and then they make jokes about it.

    you should do it!

  2. You beat me by about 3 days.

    However, I don't use the "cheapo" method of artificially increasing pageviews by only showing part of a post and then requiring "click here to read more."


  3. TrilCat:

    That's what Im posting about when I hit 500,000! I already have it written, complete with google searches :-)