Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Adventures of Super Baby: Cockroach Repellent

A comic starring Elianna and Kayla for your entertainment! And to cheer Ezzie up while he has no computer of his own :(

This is my first ever attempt at drawing a comic strip so I apologize if it's really unclear (and if the drawing and coloring is pretty bad - oh well! I never claimed to be an artist :P). If you click on the picture, it makes it humongous and then you can actually read what's written there BUT, in case you, for some reason, can't read anything even once you make the picture ginormous (and then I suggest getting either really strong glasses or repeating first grade), it says:

Frame 1: Elianna yelling because there's a cockroach on her dress
Frame 2: Baby Kaya (aka Kayga aka Kayla) - "Super Baby" - hears a cry of distress!
Frame 3: Super Baby uses one of her many secret weapons - spit up! The cockroach gets grossed out and runs away! Hooray! Elianna looks puzzled - which is worse? A cockroach on your dress or spit up?
Frame 4: It's all in a day's work for Super Baby!

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