Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mommy's Great Adventure

In case y'all haven't noticed, I've been a little busy lately. Here's a post from my mother about a recent wonderful experience she had that I sadly was not able to share in...

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not at all into sports. My husband and sons are, my daughter used to claim to be, but my eyes glaze over when the discussion turns to sports. Recently on this blog Ezzie asked what readers particularly liked and disliked so that he could best utilize his precious blogging time during busy season. The consensus was pretty much anything but sports. A large number of those people feel the same way I do (yawn, can we change the subject) and the rest of them have no interest unless it’s THEIR team!

Imagine my surprise when I got a call from a marketing company telling me I’d won the Canon Shoots Like a Pro Sweepstakes! [Ez: See the bottom photo!] The prize was a Canon digital SLR camera, tickets to the Browns game on December 30th and a field pass to go on the field before the game and have some time with the team photographer who would give me pointers on using the camera and the loan of a big lens to shoot on the field. That meant I had to GO TO A BROWNS GAME AND SIT THROUGH THE WHOLE THING – IN DECEMBER! Then I read the letter more carefully which said I had to get there 2 hours before kickoff!

I decided to embrace it as an adventure and was disappointed that my fanatic sons weren’t joining me for it. So here is my adventure, sorry if your eyes are glazing over!


  1. For a second, I was like, "Where's Brady??" and then I saw that there are TWO pictures!

  2. Hi Ezzie's Ezzie knows, I'm probably about your age, so I totally relate! I think your attitude was great to embrace it as an "adventure".

  3. Poor lady, having to sit through a whole Browns' game. Oy!

    Great job, Mom! Now, go take some pics of Eliana, I don't think Ezzie has any.

  4. Who is that dashing fellow in the orange ski cap?