Thursday, January 03, 2008

Quote #8

This quote is earlier than usual because I am off to the hospital for the day.
Happiness depends upon ourselves.


  1. I think that this has the ring of truth to it. Ultimately, we cannot depend things, or even other people, for our happiness. It has to come from within.

  2. SO FREAKING TRUE!!! People are generally shocked that i looked so happy bc when they found out about my disablities and among other problems. They couldn't understand how could i live and yet most of the time as happy. And i don't want anybody's life.

    People really thinks life makes them happy, no you made yourself happy. I accept my life, and like to be happy.

  3. B-But, but, but the commercials always said that "Happiness is a Hershey bar..."

    They lied!? They lied to me!!

    What's're gonna tell me that M&Ms melt in your hand aren't you...