Sunday, January 13, 2008


This past Thursday, the group I'm in at work had our annual pre-busy season meeting. It is at this meeting that we are informed of our responsibilities during busy season including how many hours we must bill each week, when busy season will officially end, etc. The numbers were standard and unchanged from last year: 58 billable hours a week [do the math, it's not fun], ending at the end of April (though of course the work will continue past that), and starting...

a week earlier than we'd all thought. As in, Monday. Tomorrow.

The things I'd like to take care of before busy season are far too long to list. Instead, I will list the things it seems I actually will take care of before busy season begins:
  • Family picture.
That's pretty much an all-day event, and at least it's enjoyable. As for the rest of it...

Eh. Hopefully, I'll get around to them at some point.


  1. good luck with that.

    and i'll be in your neck of the woods AFTER busy season so there's no excuses for not having a blogger meeting/dinner/gathering! :P

  2. I am available for first seder for two weeks while my Chavrusa gets married. When do you want to start??!!

    Guess who!!!!!

  3. good luck!
    i was going down to brooklyn to hang out with some friends on saturday night, and bumped into a former apartmentmate... on his way to work.

  4. Goodluck. Wishing Ser hatzlacha as a tax season widow.

  5. Good luck. So I guess I won't see you out to lunch anymore?

  6. So nu? How did the orange shirt business go?

  7. Bummer. My husband the accounting instructor is now between semesters and not quite into the tax season yet, and I was hoping to sneak in a get-together for all the bloggers working, studying, and/or living in Manhattan sometime this week or next week. (Tu Bi-Sh'vat, anyone?) Is there any remote chance that you could join us, or should I hold off 'til after April 15?

  8. Thanks for the pix. We already printed out one (b/w!) and the kids all love it. Now, if we could actually SEE you guys!
    us in RBS

  9. Oops, saw your e-mail last night. Bummer! Good luck staying sane for the next few months. (Likewise to Ser, a sister "tax widow," quoth this wife of a CPA.) We hope to see you in late April.