Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jewish Pop Culture... your attention didn't I?

***P.S.A. - some of the embedded links contain distinctly R-rated material...both language and content***

The truth is that I was not sure whether or not to bring two current "events" up, but since one has already gotten play on a site many here know and another is all the rage elsewhere, I decided to bring them to your attention.

-The first is a recent episode (season 9, episode 13) of Law & Order: SVU titled "Unorthodox". The basic premise can be found using the link above as well as the show's link through (issues include sexual misconduct, spousal disagreement of child observance, communal isolation, Beis Din…). All in all I thought that what started out as a possible nightmare scenario turned out to be a fairly balanced view of many issues within the ultra-orthodox/chassidic community as stand alone topics but more so vis a vis the outside world. If you can find the episode somewhere online it is worth a view (I might, might have some ideas as to where one could find it)...y'know if you're down with that sort of thing …or if you have about 45 minutes to spare...or if you want a peek at the view from the "other side of the mechitza", as it were...or if you just like the show.

-The second is the current story de jure in the greater sports world. Thaaat’s riiiiight, we got another sports related post through the censors! It consists of comments made by ESPN morning talk-show host Dana Jacobson during a recent “celebrity roast” type event. Suffice to say that Ms. Jacobson had partaken of some of the liquid refreshment provided and subsequently found herself in slightly less than full control of her faculties. Short story shorter she ended up making some derogatory remarks about Notre Dame Football and its famous end-zone watcher. Now for the key part…there are conflicting reports as to the extent of her remarks and if they included not just the school and one of its more famous landmarks but also the Catholic religion on a most basic level. The links should be able to provide a pretty complete picture of what went down, including the fallout, and allow one to reach their own conclusion. For me the best part of this whole thing is that despite all of the different media outlets that I have read covering this nobody to this point, that I have seen, has raised the issue of the elephant in the room that at least I see...her being a presumed member, to one degree or another, of the chosen people. I honestly do not know how to view, or if even I should view, this part of it.

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