Thursday, January 24, 2008

Checking Accounts For All

A very good editorial is in today's WSJ, written jointly by Gov. Schwarzenegger and former President Clinton, discussing a way to help the economy, particularly among the poor - without taxes, which is key. It basically notes the huge chunk of people who don't have bank/checking accounts and therefore lose a lot of money simply trying to get the money coming to them, and that getting them accounts would ease a large problem.

While I think that's all true, it fails to discuss two important points: Who is paying for the account (though granted I don't think it's a big issue; while banks charge for the service, I don't think it 'costs' them per se), and more importantly, how they're going to convince people to open bank accounts. Part of the problem is often that people simply don't trust banks or feel confused by those banks. They mention the issue but don't seem to discuss it in the editorial, though they do note that they are getting many people in cities where this has started without saying how. Nevertheless, it's a good idea that should be expanded on.

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  1. Unfortunately I gauge the overall safety of a neighborhood by the number of check-cashing places they have.