Sunday, January 27, 2008

New SerandEz Feature

My friend Shraga, who has been mentioned a handful of times on this blog in the past, and will hopefully become a contributor at some point [cough], has started a weekly trivia feature to which he won't even tell me the answers. The questions will appear either in posts or - as this week - at the top left of the blog. The answers will be posted a week later.

It's just for fun, and of course most trivia is educational as well, but some might be worthy of further discussion as well.



  1. Sounds like fun, count me in!

    But for a popular blog like yours, isn't a week a bit long to wait for the answer?!

    (now me, I have to wait a week just to get a couple of votes...)

  2. Does this mean that some of the more(ahem)"veteran" polls will be coming down?