Monday, January 14, 2008

Just An Observation...

...saw this comment on a post that was getting lots of run. It hit me as a good synopsis of alot of what goes on today (well, at least for one "side") both on blogs and in real life...You remember real life don't you? It's that place with fresh air and trees, where the backround noise is the chirping of birds and not the striking of keys...anyway:

“who appointed JO (the Jewish Observer) to be anything beyond a mouthpiece of the people who publish it, same as any other publication? If the editors of JO think you’re beyond the pale, can’t you just ignore them?”

- "excellent observation. It points to the fact that no matter how free thinking we are we still seek the approval of JO-types because deep down we know they are onto something. The current JO-type spokespeople may be narrow in their view and less than charming in their approach but lema’aseh they most directly represent those who hold the keys to our mesorah. we may argue that we are not wandering beyond the pale, but we know that they are safely within it."

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  1. Hey, I was thinking about ripping into that post...! Hmph.