Monday, January 07, 2008

Ignore the Hype

Although Moshe was hyping a post I'm in the middle of writing, I think that post will be delayed until tomorrow morning. Guess why...

It boggles my mind that of the four times* our car has been sideswiped in the less than five months we've owned it, on only one occasion did the car who did the swiping bother to stop and do anything about it... and even then we'll be getting screwed. New York City sucks.

* 1st time - Car parked outside Serach's work. Shredded the entire side of our car and Serach's co-worker's car, and knocked in some of the frame around the front tire.

2nd time - Car parked at a shopping center. Another mall patron waited and told Serach she saw an SUV scratch up the side while pulling out of a spot, then driving off.

3rd time - Coke truck sideswipes Serach by driving into her lane while she's driving Elianna to the babysitter, taking off the side bumper . Truck stops, Serach waves to driver to come over because she has a baby in the car, truck drives away. It may have only pulled over in the first place because there was a fire truck going by. Dan l'kaf z'chus: Truck may not have even realized it hit Serach, because it's so big.

4th time - As Serach is switching from right lane to middle, a lady tries to switch into the same lane from the left, knocking off the backing to the side mirror. Lady stops, admits to being at fault by 'coming out of nowhere', but cop says he can't write down who's responsible because it's hard to tell from the damage and it was on a highway.


  1. the common denominator in all of these seems to be Serach. Hmmmm......:P

  2. so I'm guessing we're not so into the whole "have a coke and a smile" thing right now, huh

  3. I'm having the same problem in Brooklyn. My car, within a 2 month span, was hit 3! times. Twice while I was driving and once while my wife was driving. In both cases when I was driving, I was still, either at a light or just stuck behind another car! (The people who hit me however were honest and admitted fault.)When my wife was hit, the guy just took off.

  4. Owning a car in NY is a total pain. My parked car got sideswiped in Boro Park and of course no one left a note or anything.

  5. Um...have I ever told you the story of how I managed to crash into my dad's car with my mom's? The first time, I went driving with my licence. I guess I wanted to get the whole thing over with in the beginning of my driving career. Ya know, kill two birds with one stone? Whenever people don't believe I am a complete ditz, I just tell them this story. They never doubt me again:)

  6. We've had a car in the City for over a year and a half now and we've never gotten sideswiped or got into an accident. People do seem to enjoy folding in my side mirrors for some reason, though.

    Our car did get a huge dent in the side thanks to some customer in Brach's in the Five Towns who dented it up in the lot, but decided to leave without a note. It could have been an errant shopping cart I guess, but I'm still annoyed about it.